Sierra del Cadí is
the setting
for our cheeses and butter.
All the milk comes from
our farms
in Alt Urgell and Cerdanya.
Our products are
made exclusively
with this milk.

Our products


Cheeses and butter, with the essence of our Pyrenees

Urgèlia PDO

Made with pasteurized cow’s milk all coming exclusively from our associated farms in the Pyrenees regions (Alt Urgell – Cerdanya).

Butter Cadí 125 g PDO

Butter uniform in consistency, very easy to spread. Uniform pale yellow in colour. The taste and smell are generally intense at the start, delicate, smooth but slightly acid with reminiscent of hazelnuts.

Mató del Pirineu 250 g

Dairy specialty very rich in calcium and without salt. White paste. Slightly grainy texture. Lactic aroma. Fresh lactic taste.

Neu del Cadí

Soft paste cheese and gray flowery natural crust. Bright creamy paste. Mild lactic taste, with aromas of mushrooms, truffle and moist pastures.

Flor del Cadí

Aged pressed cheese, homogeneous orange color and few holes. Consistent texture. Smell and taste with strong personality.

Petit Neu

Made with pasteurized cow's milk coming exclusively from our farms in the Pyrenees (Alt Urgell-Cerdanya).

Essence CADÍ

The way of being and doing, day by day, always with enthusiasm. This is the true essence of our products


Cooking & Recipes


Find out what you feel like cooking with our products

Warm creamed vegetables with lobster and Urgèlia cheese

Preparation: Peel the onion, leek and garlic. Cut into thin slices. Put a pot on low heat with the butter [...]

Gaudí mosaic of Urgèlia cheese PDO and quince jelly with Girona apple, Lleida pear and Reus hazelnuts

Preparation: Cut the Urgèlia cheese PDO into cubes. Roll the anchovies. Dice the quince jelly, apple and pear like the cheese. Arrange [...]

Rice with spider crab, penny bun mushrooms, Urgèlia cheese PDO and CADÍ butter PDO

Preparation: Shell the peas, put to one side. Peel and finely chop the Figueres onion. Cook in a cast iron [...]


Urgèlia and CADÍ Butter are our high quality products recognized in the European Union for our strict production standards.

Current events

Cadí World


Felip Domènech National Prize 2020

We’re the winners! 👏 The Farmers Union has awarded the Felip Domènech National Prize 2020 to the Cadí Dairy Cooperative in the Enterprise category for our commitment to the sector. Lluís Clotet, the president of our cooperative, accepted the prize on behalf of all. We’re very happy to be acknowledged for our many years of […]

Urgèlia chesse winner of Gold Sofi Award Usa

Our URGÈLIA PDO cheese has won the Gold Medal of the 2020 Sofi™ Awards as the Best Cow’s Milk Cheese. This contest, held by the Specialty Food Association, takes place each year in the United States, the world’s leading cheese producer. This year nearly 2,000 specialty products from around the world participated in the event. […]

Catalan Sports Council

The Catalan Sports Council has awarded its prize to the Cadí Cooperative for our support of territorial sport. It is an honor to receive this prize and a pleasure to promote local sport.

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