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Cadí, 100 Years of a Cooperative

Cadí, established in La Seu d’Urgell in 1915, was the first dairy cooperative in Spain. Ever since those early days, Cadí has played a leading role in helping the Pyrenean population to develop and establish ever stronger roots in the region.

Cooperativa Cadí operates using milk produced by farmer members in Alt Urgell and Cerdanya counties. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this cooperative is that the freshness and quality of its products is guaranteed by the daily collection of milk to which the strictest health controls are also applied.

Traditional skills and use of the most advanced technology combine to make Cadí butter one of the few in Europe that have been awarded the “certificate of origin” seal of approval, whilst URGÈLIA is the only cheese in Catalonia with this important distinction.

Milk production: a lifestyle

Farming and milk production are both a source of income and a lifestyle for members of the Cadí cooperative. These members number around one hundred at present, and are those we have to thank for the quality of the dairy products that reach our consumers.

The members and their families all live in the heart of the Pyrenees, surrounded by lush fields and green pastures that give a distinguishing quality to the milk, which is used to make butter and cheese enriched by personality and age-old tradition.

Cadí products have always been present on tables in the houses in the area, where families and friends share unforgettable moments and experiences.

The people who form this cooperative are proud to offer you products that are the fruit of their passion for their work and the region in which they live.

Cadí: a model cooperative

The members who form Cooperativa Cadí are one big family who work for the common good, based on the values of mutual aid and generosity. Moreover, following the tradition established by the founders, each cooperative member represents one vote.

At Cadí, knowledge is shared to the benefit of all. The members, employees, suppliers, customers, partners and all those who help to grow Cadí share a way of being and doing that strengthens our continued belief in a common project with fine future prospects.