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Fresh cheese

It lightens dishes and is an excellent ally in weight-watching diets. Most people use it to make salads but in actual fact it is extremely versatile a …

Nata i llet Cadí

Cadí milk and cream

  Every day, the Cooperativa CADÍ collects the milk produced by its dairy farmers in the Pyrenean counties of L’Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya. …


Block Cadí cheese

Breakfast/Afternoon snack For sandwiches: cold or hot Hot sandwiches: don’t just use it with cooked ham; you can use it with spicy sausage, wild m …


  Lunch/Dinner For grilling or melting: on a pizza, toast, vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, fish, meat… Put a layer of grated cheese between p …



  Mató, a ricotta-like cheese typical of Catalonia, is mainly served with honey as a dessert. But its taste and smooth texture blend well with man …


Recommended meals

  And how should we follow these recommendations?  By making our meals as varied as possible. Meals are occasions when we eat relatively large quan …