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Perfect combinations with cadi bar
Breakfast/Afternoon snack

For sandwiches: cold or hot

  • Hot sandwiches: don’t just use it with cooked ham; you can use it with spicy sausage, wild mushrooms, cured ham, pesto sauce, mustard, etc.

For savoury pastries:

  • Take some rolled-out puff pastry, Mexican tortilla or pita bread. Add a slice of cheese and another ingredient (spicy sausage, ham, nuts…), roll it up and put it in the oven!

For filling:

  • Use it to make battered pork or chicken with cheese.
  • Put between slices of courgette or aubergine and grill.

For cannelloni, lasagnes, ravioli:

  • Wrap cucumber or carrot sticks and season with soy sauce and olive oil.
  • Place cheese slices between layers of green salad and anchovies to make a cold lasagne.
  • Do the same with some crumbled sausage or escalivada (roasted aubergine, onion and bell pepper) to make a hot lasagne.
  • Place a tablespoon of Bolognese sauce between two slices of cheese and heat to make a ravioli.
  • For desserts, use to wrap fruit.

For melting or cooking au gratin:

  • Add a slice on a cooked hamburger or chicken breast and allow it to melt before taking it out of the pan.
  • Take a piece of toast, put your favourite ingredients on it, cover with a slice of cheese and cook au gratin for a couple of minutes.
Cadí bar

This presentation opens up a wealth of possibilities. Don’t just use it for sandwiches; you can use the slices to make cannelloni or lasagne or to put on top of a pizza or a piece of toast.