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Perfect combinations with Serrano, Serral, Sierra and Urgelia

Breakfast/Afternoon snack/Appetizers

For brochettes:

  • Cheese and pineapple, orange, apricot, grapes
  • Cheese and quince jelly
  • Cheese and cherry tomatoes
  • Cheese and shrimps

With bread/toast:

  • Fill a brioche with cheese and heat in the microwave for a few seconds.
  • Take a slice of toast with tuna and grated tomatoes and add cheese on top.

For appetizers:

  • Cut some cheese sticks and dip them in your favourite sauce.
  • Cut different cheeses in different ways and serve with fruit, grilled vegetables (tomato, onion, aubergine…) and different types of bread to make a cheese board.

With vegetables/mushrooms:

  • Use a vegetable peeler to cut cheese flakes and add them to your salads.
  • Add cheese cubes to your vegetable dishes.
  • Cut a cheese cube and put it inside an artichoke heart or a piquillo pepper and grill.

With pasta/rice:

  • Cut the cheese into small pieces and add to a Béchamel sauce.
  • Mix the cheese into your carbonara sauce.

For sauces:

  • Melt diced cheese in a pan with a little milk or stock and use it as a meat or pasta sauce.
  • You can use this sauce to make fondues with meat, vegetables, breadsticks, etc.

For meat:

  • Stuff a chicken breast with sautéed leeks and cheese slices.
  • Cut the cheese into sticks, mix with salad and wrap with slices of cold meat.

For eggs:

  • Sauté some vegetables, put in a pan and add beaten egg, cream and cheese. Cook in a bain-marie to make a pudding.
Serrano, Serral, Sierra and Urgelia

Allow the cheese to reach room temperature before eating. This way, its full flavour can be appreciated. If it dries, you can grate and freeze it for use later on. You can also cut it into pieces to make sauces.