The essence of Cadí

All of us who form part of CADÍ concur in our values, our way of doing things,
and our vision. We carry the essence of the Pyrenees in our DNA.

We are a century-old dairy cooperative formed by dairy farming families of long tradition. The experience of generations and the know-how from one hundred years of dedication and hard work are our guarantee.
We are passionate about our work and the area where we live. Indeed, our perseverance in our endeavours and our constant dedication can be recognised in our products’ quality.
We are demanding about our products and their quality. This is our way of doing things, day by day, working with enthusiasm and applying the highest standards in each of our quality processes, from start to finish, being careful never to lose the essences of our excellent raw material and of our land.
We are committed to our people and to their future, promoting social, educational and sports
projects, and creating opportunities for all.
We are involved in our culture and traditions, supporting
and conveying the values of our territory and its history.
For all these reasons and much more...

Discover our essence and that of our products.