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Nata i llet Cadí

Cadí milk and cream

  Every day, the Cooperativa CADÍ collects the milk produced by its dairy farmers in the Pyrenean counties of L’Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya. …

Cadí pizzas

Buona pizza 150g

  Buona Pizza grated cheese, presented in 150 g packages, completes our range of grated and melted products. This special pizza cheese is distingui …

Neu del Cadí

Neu del cadí

Soft cheese with a flowering mould, developed for the centenary of the Cadí Cooperative. To look at it reminds one of the grey tints of the Sierra del …

Petit neu

Petit neu del cadí

  Petit Neu del Cadí has all the same features as its big brother, Neu del Cadí, but in smaller size. Soft cheese with a flowering mould, to look a …