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Perfect combinations with butter
For those with a sweet tooth

The quality and freshness of the ingredients are fundamental if you want to make a good pastry, and butter is one of the indispensable ingredients.

A good butter adds flavour for making delicious cookies, light, spongy cakes, cupcakes…

And the essential requisite for making a good butter is the quality of the milk it is made from. The unique climate and natural environment of the Pyrenean valleys of L’Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya, with their green, wild flower-strewn meadows, produce a milk that is ideal for making a quality butter recognised with the Protected Designation of Origin.

The cream is matured slowly, giving our butter a very intense taste, with a persistent flavour and aromas that are reminiscent of hazelnuts.

CADÍ butter is a pastry butter that spreads readily without any phase separation. It is very firm and plastic, it does not break or crack and it is not friable.

It makes pastries easier to roll out and maintains its structure and consistency at working temperatures.

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