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Legal Notice

1.- Ownership of the site. The domain www.cadi.es is owned by CADÍ S.C.C.L. with VAT number F25002338 and registered address at C/Sant Ermengol 37 – 25700 La Seu d’Urgell (Lleida). It is entered in the General Register of Catalan Cooperatives with number 114, code LL. The telephone number for contacts is 973350025 and the e-mail address is cadi@cadi.es.

2.- Intellectual property of the site. All intellectual property rights to the content of this website and its design are the sole property of CADÍ S.C.C.L. Accordingly, reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, in full or in part, are prohibited without the express authorisation of CADÍ S.C.C.L.

Likewise, all the trade names, brands or distinctive signs of any type contained in this website are protected by law. The references to trade names or registered trademarks or distinctive signs, whether owned by us or by third parties, implicitly entail a prohibition to make any use of them without our consent or that of their rightful owners. Unless expressly stated otherwise, at no time does access to or use of the website or its contents confer upon the user any right to the brands, logos and distinctive signs included in it.
The user may only use the material given on this website for his/her personal and private use; its use for commercial purposes or to engage in illicit activities is prohibited.

3.- Content of the website. CADÍ S.C.C.L. reserves the right to update, modify or delete, at any time and without any prior notice, the information contained in the website, its configuration and presentation, and to restrict or not allow access to said information.

CADÍ S.C.C.L. does not warrant that the information, text, graphics, links or content of any of the articles contained in the website are accurate or complete and does not accept any liability for any errors or omissions they may contain.
CADÍ S.C.C.L. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that may damage computer systems in the electronic documents or user files of this website or of third-party websites and therefore, does not accept liability for any losses that may be incurred as a result thereof.

4.- Access to and use of the website. Accessing and browsing this website implies acceptance and knowledge of the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained herein. Mere access to the website does not imply the creation of any type of business relationship between CADÍ S.C.C.L. and the user.
CADÍ S.C.C.L. does not accept liability for any misuse of the website’s contents, which is the sole liability of the person accessing or using them.
CADÍ S.C.C.L. does not accept any liability for technical problems or failures in computer equipment that are not attributable to the company and which occur during connection to Internet, or for any damage that may be caused by third parties by means of unlawful interference beyond the control of CADÍ S.C.C.L. Neither does it accept liability for any misuse that may be made of this website.

5. – Protection of personal data.

Controller: The identification of the Controller is given in Point 1 of this Legal Notice.

Use and purpose of the data obtained

The data which you may provide us through the website form and the various email addresses which appear on our website, and the data which you send to our organization’s email addresses, will be collected in order to:

– Handle and process the request that you have made to us,
– Manage the relation that ties us, and
– Handle the selection processes.

The data requested are those which are suitable, pertinent and strictly necessary to attend to the aforementioned purposes and under no circumstances are you obliged to provide them. Your refusal to provide such data, however, may imply that your request cannot be handled. Additionally, on providing us your data, you are assuring us that they are accurate, true and pertinent.

In order for us to keep your personal data updated, it is important that you should inform us whenever any change takes place in them. Otherwise, we cannot answer for their veracity.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The legal basis for the processing of your data is the contractual relation which ties us or the consent which you provide on accepting this Privacy Policy by sending in the form.

Transfer of data

We inform you that your data will only be transferred in the cases established by Law or when necessary for the provision of the service.

Storage of data

The personal data which are provided will be stored during the effective period of the relation which ties us. When this period ends, they will be kept blocked for the legally established time, before their destruction.

The personal data provided for the purpose of taking part in the selection processes of CADÍ S.C.C. Ltda will be stored for a period of one year.

Rights of data subjects

The owners of personal data have the right to:

  • Obtain confirmation as to whether the Controller is or is not processing their personal data
  • Access their personal data and to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, as the case may be, to request the erasure of such data when, for among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.
  • Under certain specific circumstances, data subjects may request that the processing of their data should be restricted and, in such event, the Controller will store them solely for the exercise or defence of claims.
  • Under certain specific circumstances and for reasons relating to their particular situation, data subjects may object to the processing of their data.
    Owners of personal data may exercise their rights:
  • By a letter addressed to CADÍ S.C.C. Ltda, Calle Sant Ermengol, no. 37, La Seu d’Urgell 25700-Lleida, Spain, reference “Data Protection”.
  • By email sent to the address cadi@cadi.es, stating on the subject line the reference “Data Protection”.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are received on a computer from a website that is visited. They are used to record specific browsing interactions on a website, storing data that may be updated and recovered.

These files are stored on users’ computers and contain anonymous data that are not harmful to their equipment. Such files are used to recall users’ preferences, such as selected language, access data or personalization.

Cookies may also be used to record anonymous information about visitors using the website, including, for example, such information as the website from which they have made access or whether an advertising banner has been used to make access.

What are the various types of cookies?

1. According to their purpose:

  • Technical cookies
    Technical cookies are those which are indispensable and strictly necessary for the correct operation of a website and for the use of the various options and services which it offers. These include, for example, those which allow maintenance of the session, management of response time, performance or validation of options, use of security elements, sharing of content with social networks, etc.
  • Personalization cookies
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  • Analytics cookies
    Analytics cookies are used by our website to develop browsing profiles and to determine users’ preferences for the purpose of improving the offer of products and services. For example, an analytics cookie would check the most interesting geographical areas for users, their favourite product, etc.
  • Advertising cookies
    Advertising cooking allow the management of advertising spaces according to specific criteria, including, for example, access frequency, edited content, etc. By means of advertising management, advertising cookies allow storage of information on behaviour through observation of habits, studying accesses and forming a profile of users’ preferences in order to offer them advertising related to the interests of their profile.

2. According to duration:

  • Session cookies
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  • Persistent cookies
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Why do we use cookies?

We use the strictly necessary and essential cookies to allow you to use our website and to move freely about it, using secure areas, setting up personalized options, etc. We also use cookies that collect data for analysing the use of the website. These cookies help to improve users’ browsing experience and the website’s performance.

This website may contain links to third-party websites and social networks (such as Facebook or Instagram). In some parts of the website, third-party cookies may be installed. CADÍ S.C.C. Ltda does not control the cookies used by such third parties on external websites. For further information on the cookies of external websites, we recommend that you read their respective cookies policies.

How can cookies be managed?

The installation of cookies is necessary for the use of this website. It should be understood that if browsing cookies are not accepted or are deleted, we cannot maintain your preferences and it is possible that some features of the website may not work properly.

Users can exercise at all times their right to block, eliminate and refuse the use of cookies, by changing the settings of their browsers.

For example:

– Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Privacy > Settings.

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