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Perfect combinations with fresh cheese
Breakfast/Afternoon snack

With bread/toast/sandwiches
With fruit and nuts
With jam, quince jelly

  • Make layers of sliced fresh cheese and quince jelly on a piece of toast.
  • Make a sandwich with mashed banana and pieces of fresh cheese.
  • Mix nuts, raisins, cereals and fresh cheese cubes in a bowl.

With vegetables:

  • Prepare a salad with rocket, escarole or spinach and add fresh cheese. Dress with capers or tapenade.
  • Chop a tomato and mix with fresh cheese cubes to make a tartare.
  • Season with herbs or spices (oregano, curry, paprika) and add to a gazpacho.
With pasta/rice:
  • Add to your pasta, rice, quinoa, couscous or other cereal-based salads.
  • Mixed with spinach, pumpkin or tomato, you can use it to fill cannelloni, ravioli or pasties.
For desserts:
  • Cut an apple and some fresh cheese into slices and put alternate slices one on top of the other to make a mille-feuille.
  • Make skewers of grapes and fresh cheese.
  • Add a piece of fresh cheese to a bowl of fruit in syrup.
The fresh cheese

It lightens dishes and is an excellent ally in weight-watching diets. Most people use it to make salads but in actual fact it is extremely versatile and can be used with many other foods. It can be eaten with sweet foods (jams, compotes…), with fruit, sausages or aromatic herbs. It’s best to cut or dice it just before eating to keep all of its properties intact.