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Perfect combinations with Mató

Breakfast/Afternoon snack

With fruit: diced, mashed, in compotes or jams.
With dried fruit or nuts: raw, roasted, whole or diced.
With bread/toast

Make yourself a healthy breakfast with mató:

  • Mix the mató with diced fruit and nuts and pour a little honey on top.
  • Spread the mató on a piece of toast, add a little sugar and eat with a glass of orange juice.

And as a snack:

  • Spread a generous helping of jam on a slice of bread and place the mató, cut into thin slices, on top.
  • Make a sandwich with mató, tomato, lettuce and tuna fish.

With vegetables:

  • Grill some tomato slices and when cooked, place a little mató and some anchovies on top.
  • Add mató balls to a cold water melon and tomato soup.
  • Blend a little mató in a cream of pumpkin soup.
  • Stuff some endives with mató, nuts and raisins.

With sausages or smoked fish:

  • Wrap some diced mató in thin slices of smoked salmon.
  • Grill a slice of ham, place a few pieces of mató on top and serve with breadsticks.

For desserts:

  • Blend strawberries with sugar and use as a topping for the mató.
  • Add a tub of mató to your crème caramel recipe.
  • Make a mousse by mixing the mató with cream or whipped egg whites and sugar.
  • You can add the mató to other sweet foods such as fried dough balls (bunyols), sponge cake, custard, lemon cream, etc.

Mató, a ricotta-like cheese typical of Catalonia, is mainly served with honey as a dessert. But its taste and smooth texture blend well with many other foods, recipes and meals